Welcome to the Mythical Lands Donor Shop!

Here you can find a variety of different ways to show your support for the server.

Donations are what help keep the server running and help fund the development of new features.

All donor shop perks can also be earned in-game by playing. And any keys purchased are for all online players. We believe everyone should have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain items and perks.

If there is an issue with your order or you need assistance please reach out to Tarlow or the staff on discord.

All purchases made on the donor shop are final and refunds will not be given under any circumstance. Chargebacks or any fraudulent activity will result in a permeant ban. There are some specific cases in which store credit may be offered.

Important Notice
Payments are processed and secured through PayPal
After the payment is made, the packages can take up to 5-15 minutes to be delivered!
The Mythical Lands server/network is in not affiliated with Mojang, AB. nor should be considered a company endorsed by Mojang AB.
Any purchases made on this store go to Mythical Lands.
Mythical Lands reserve the right to change contents and rewards at anytime on past or future packages and payments.

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